We have a distinct liking for rubber since leather prices are so high. We wear latex leotards – first one, then stretch rubber chest waders with stocking feet: then a 3/16 in. thick two piece wet suit with attached hood. Last of all go on knee high boots and elbow length gloves.

But instead of staying dry we endeavour to get wet inside after mud larking in chest deep mud of a consistency of thick soup. This is followed by a romp in water to cleanse ourselves. Then we go to our warm bath for an inside-suit warm water soaking.

Perhaps none of your readers has tried what we do. It is a lot of fun to get the warm water inside the suits and then warm up gradually. Perhaps Helen should note that latex suits. if tight, are cold, but if you can get air inside and keep the suit tight, then they are warm. We do this about twice a week in cold weather and more in the warmer weather. I only wish we lived nearer to a river or a lake as we used to do, then we went out every night, particularly after the hard rains.

– D.W.K (U.S.A.)