Both Karla and I are enthusiastic readers of Atomage and we think it’s the best magazine on the subject of rubber and leather. As for myself, I have always been keen on all aspects of the rubber and leather scene. I enjoy both wearing it and seeing other people wearing it. As for Karla, she wasn’t always that keen. In fact, at first, she thought I was a bit of a nut case. It wasn’t until we visited Brian and Val, some friends of ours, to play cards that things changed. After playing cards for a while, Karla and Val went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee for us. Whilst in the kitchen, Val mentioned to Karla that she (Karla) looked downhearted, to which my wife replied that before coming out we had had an argument over a black rubber mackintosh, which I had bought for her from South Bucks Rainwear. She then told Val how I had this craze about rubberwear. To cut a long story short, it turned out that Val said to Karla that she didn’t see anything wrong with wearing rubber clothes and if her husband was fond of rubber, like I was, she would wear it for him. In fact, what turned out to be Brian’s ‘thing’ was Val dressed in nothing but a thin cotton dress, then taking a shower and being soaked to the skin. Val explained that she and Brian often did that. From that time on, Karla and I have had a wonderful relationship, and it gets better as time goes on. I must admit though that Karla prefers loose fitting garments rather than skin tight ones.

I have enclosed some photographs of Karla in various latex rubber outfits which I have taken over the last few months. Karla doesn’t think they are good enough for Atomage, but I do. In three of the pictures, Karla is wearing a black latex rubber skirt with a yellow latex blouse purchased from Kastleys, and over this, she is wearing the black rubber mac I purchased from South Bucks Rainwear. In another picture she is wearing a black rubber brassiere and pants with a beautiful long red latex gown, again all from Kastley. In the other pictures she is in our garden wearing one of her favourite outfits. This is a blue latex skirt, with a yellow latex blouse together with a blue latex jacket, again all from Kastleys.

In the last picture Karla is relaxing in our swimming pool, wearing a green swimsuit from Kastley. I will also send some pictures of myself at home wearing a latex rubber outfit from South Bucks Rainwear. I prefer black as a colour; Karla likes bright colours for visual effect.

Both Karla and I appreciate that people have different feelings and opinions about latex and leather. We think if it helps them to have a better life, that’s what it’s all about.

– J. & K. B. (Australia)

From away Down-Under we received these lovely pictures of Karla who shares her husband’s interest in latex as a fashion material. If you think this continent would be too warm to welcome rubber and latex and fashionwear, you’d be wrong, Karla even chooses it for her swimsuit.