My wife and I were very flattered to have our pictures chosen for your new masterwork Atomage International No. 1. We were pleased with your headline ‘Two Enthusiasts’ and to have our pictures and our thoughts produced in this, the best rubber magazine in the world. We are not ashamed to have our pictures in this magazine because all the views are so honest, and you do not pretend or fake pictures as so many magazines do. Because we are not ashamed to appear in your magazine or think that there is anything guilty or perverted about our interests, we are happy to send you more pictures for publication.

We are quite unashamed to say that we enjoy sex in rubber! Those rubber people who say ‘rubber gives me pleasure to wear – and only to wear in private’ are not speaking the truth. Perhaps they don’t realise the sexy thrill of wearing, hearing, seeing and smelling the enclosure of rubber. There is something about the noise of breathing within a gas mask, feeling the rubber moving on the body, and the rubber boots pulling on the leg. Only people who are real rubber fans – like 98% of your readers. I guess – can understand this.

It is so strange to my wife and I to see in sex shops and on book stalls full approval of naked women in sexual postures with naked men, but show the same picture, the same pose, where she and he are wearing rubber suits, rubber boots, rubber gloves, and their heads are covered in hoods and gas masks – this is not thought nice! Please tell me why?

My wife noticed the pictures you selected for pages 30 and 31. You were most careful not to show any of the real ‘sexual excitement’. She was most amused to see that you carefully took the scissors to the bottom of the picture where I am holding her in my arms to remove the sight of my sexual excitement. She wonders why you do not show this, Mr. Editor? Are you afraid of losing your readers? These days there are lots of magazines quite openly on sale to show this. Helen’s free and frank column which I think is very, very good reading for women, does not hesitate to describe what you don’t show, so perhaps, Mr. Editor, you should let her choose the pictures next time.

I see that Helen chooses her own pictures for her column. Do readers realise that it is her on page 8? You do not say so in the caption which is a pity because the description of surprising him coming home on a wet day (page 1) is such a good idea. I think it must also give real pleasure to the woman to enjoy the admiring and curious glances of people at a railway station, for instance.

Everything is good in this new magazine because you show real people and not the invention of those it is to make lots of money with pictures of unreal sex and untrue cruelty. That is not the way if our healthy and honest interests are to be approved by those who just now don’t understand.

– ‘Rubberists’ (West Germany)

Thank you for your compliments and pictures. No, we are very careful in our choice of pictures that we do not give unnecessary offence, and indeed, our editorial policy is more strict than is these days applied by the popular ‘girlie’ magazines which, as you say, are openly sold at bookshops and station bookstalls everywhere. We also believe it is rather nice, too, to leave something to the readers’ imagination – Ed.