The psychologists have written a lot as far as sex is concerned and there is a theme and theory that it is linked to two basic needs: sadism and masochism. These two potential ‘strengths’ fight within us. Sexualism starts in the human being at the earliest stages from the first days of life, some moments in our lives being more important than others sexually and can cause strange needs in our adult life.

I think that the men who like rubber must have had a bad sexual experience in their young lives. Strict mothers, or trouble between the parents could be the kind of experience that produces sexual attraction to objects and materials rather than people. The very softness and tactile feel of rubber must remind young men very much of the pleasure and softness of their childhood contact with their mother or whoever looked after them when they were very young.

Maybe all men are really grown-up babies, and tend to need far more TLC as my husband calls it (tender, loving care) than the woman? I do think we women have a lot to answer for when you examine some of the strange male desires, although, at the same time, I do think the men have exploited us for too long. I really think that the sexuality of all adults is controlled by a spring called sado-masochism. Naturally, the different influences during the life of a person alter his or her personality and the attitude to sexual performance or interest.

I wear my heavy black rubber mackintosh – which has a hood and is rubberised on both sides – just because I know it pleases my husband. I feel that it is cold and unfeminine, although very waterproof. But where I live we have not had any real rain now for nine months and we are in terrible trouble for the need of water. Now, why all my raincoats’? He likes rubber, he likes me to wear them for him, and I find that he is calmer and less irritable after we have had a good ‘rubber session’, as lie calls it. I like pure soft feminine rubber, and I have many garments that he has bought for me to wear in bed for times of relaxation. He is sexually stimulated by the sight of me in rubber, but shiny, black rubber is not for me. I just don’t like it. I have no real feelings about it except that it is cold, and when I am hot, it is wet … what funny people men are … especially ‘rubberists’ … as my husband calls them.

– Mrs. ‘B’ (Portugal)

It is always interesting to have the woman’s point of view, especially one as attractive and as ‘sympatico’ as Mrs. ‘B’ whose attractive pictures have graced these pages before and do so again, below – ED