I am a keen latex lover but, unfortunately, cannot send you any photographs as I have no one to share my interest with. However, perhaps a description of one of my favourite outfits will suffice.

First, I put on a pair of tight fitting black rubber pants, followed by black latex stockings and a high collared blouse. Next come elbow length gloves, black rubber knee pants, and a black rubber zipped back hood with just nostril holes and very small eye holes. Over the hood goes a gas mask.

This first layer of rubber is followed by shiny black rubber riding boots, loose fitting black rubber trousers and a hooded jacket. Elbow length gauntlets complete the outfit.

Thus attired I like to sit around the house for a few hours, and sometimes I may go for a walk late at night, this being a truly exciting experience as I am sometimes picked out by car headlamps.

To me the most important thing is to be hooded and masked, using various combinations of rubber hoods, gasmasks, goggles and respirators. I would welcome any letters on the subject of masks, and indeed on any aspect of rubber-wear.

For me there can never be too many gasmasks in the pages of Atomage.

– ACS612