Robert Henley’s views in his article-in A11 (p31) that women who are attracted by rubber have a personality different from other women does not match with my experience.

My wife is a rebellious non-conformist. Always has been one. She certainly questions the role of women in society. In particular, she questions this role’s influence on her daily occupations.

Yet she does not love rubber clothing. She does not understand why I like it. She will wear it when I ask her to do so, and then only when she has run out of excuses. On the other hand, we once met a woman who really liked the material. She loves to wear rubber clothing. The more layers the better, and the leather on top of it all.

But this woman is a non-rebellious conformist! The only thing she questioned at that time we met was her husband’s desire to tie her up.

Since just five women were interviewed and form a select group, conclusions drawn from their statements are statistically not valid; or, in plain Dutch, ‘Gelul uit de nekharen!’

– A Dutch Reader

There is a plain Yorkshire expression: ‘nowt so queer as folk’, so I would agree it is difficult, if not impossible, to draw any conclusions at all on this subject until some large, well financed, research foundation is willing to undertake a serious research project. The question then is why should they conduct an investigation if it is accepted that dressing for pleasure is harmless. All the research would possibly prove is the truth o/the Yorkshire expression which, translated, means that the human race possesses curious, unpredictable patterns of behaviour.

Actually I was only making an observation not drawing a conclusion, when I said that I had only met five women who wear rubber because they are attracted by the material and it is interesting that their personalities are distinctly different from those of most other women’. I would agree now that it is not even a valid observation.

– R.H.