Whilst I thoroughly enjoy your pages and am prodded by them regularly, I do get the feeling that you still see Mrs. Average as her Victorian counterpart used to be. Most men I know (very few of whom have heard of Atomage, I would think) are attentive to their wives. They give them, as far as budget will allow, pretty well everything they want. They show their desire to be as one with their partner, but their wives, in many cases, seem to be distant, putting their friends at coffee mornings before their husbands.

What I am trying to say is that women’s emancipation has led to men becoming the second class citizens. Men and women are still not equal. I must add hurriedly that I am fortunate in that I do have an equal partner. Surely it is up to women to come half-way over to meet their husband’s interests in leather, vinyl or rubber or at least discuss it. If only they would realise in indulging their mans ‘funny little ways’ they are naturally strengthening the marriage or relationship. After all, if one has a partner who goes along with one in ‘dressing for pleasure’, what is there to look for outside the relationship?

– ACS536