There are certain subjects which, in the past, have been taboo: wearing rubber, leather, PVC to name but three. Whenever people who wear these materials meet they seem to discuss the matter in low tones. We do not. Most Saturdays you can meet us in the King’s Road, Chelsea, dressed in any one of these materials, i.e. from head to toe in leather (as on the cover of Atomage 4), or in the ‘Dressing for Pleasure’ film and also in many of the Atomage pages. We have one dislike and that is not to bring out into the open the fact that we like dressing in our favourite materials.

When we put on our rubber suits for a quiet evening at home or cover them with Atomage cat suits to go for a walk in Chelsea, we cause only many admiring glances from the local Londoners. We seem to give pleasure to tourists who appear with their expensive cameras and we can only hope our outfits, when the films are developed in their own country will please them: “Look at these English people dressed for their climate.”

For us it is only the best that will do so my thigh boots have to come from the best workshops in London and they have to be perfect in every way. I can say that my wardrobe is now full with every conceivable item; about forty pairs of boots alone in every colour and material, and it takes many hours to see that my total wardrobe is kept in readiness for any evening out, from full length leather maxi skirts and capes, to PVC catsuits with long gloves and thigh boots to match. I am then ready for any type of evening you can imagine.

Ken always approves my full rubber outfits but it does take that little bit longer to roll them on, using lots of powder, and as I grow my nails fairly long care has to be taken not to tear the soft rubber. Then any surplus powder must be wiped off the suits, as it would spoil the overall effect.

I find the long wait for Margaret to dress a bit disturbing when she has fitted on her rubber catsuit, gloves and her leather lace-up Atomage suit only to find that her long blonde hair has to be fixed, also full make up must finally be applied, prior to fixing her helmet. However, it is all worthwhile, as by this time my rubber and leather matched-to-Margaret’s outfit is getting warm.

We hope our letter will help other couples to come out in the open and say they would like to be like us – uninhibited, modern and ‘Dressed for Pleasure’.

– Margaret and Ken.