What interests me is other couples where the wife wears rubber as a sort of domestic discipline – that is she wears it under protest and possibly with some coercion. There are women I have seen who wear rubber very frequently. I have encountered at least two in recent years who, in addition to wearing macs (and in one case SBR macs) have worn rubber jackets, skirts and boots and I have been surprised at the regularity of wearing rubber even in weather when I would not have anticipated it.

In the case of the two women that I have seen dressed as I have described I have been unable to find out whether they wore this form of dress in town for their own pleasure or simply because the husbands wanted them to. I felt that these cases went beyond `the call of duty’. It is this aspect that I see as a discipline – rather like wearing a jacket and tie on a hot summer day, because ones job requires it. It is not the way one would dress naturally, but they do it because it is expected of them.

I would be interested to hear from some of the wives whether they frequently wear a rubber dress or rubber outfit in public because it is demanded of them or is, in fact, they go to the wardrobe and think to themselves tonight I am going to wear that because (a) I feel in the mood for that particular dress or (b) I know it will turn him on.

– ACS 480.