I am interested in your magazine which was shown to me by a friend at the office. I am 21 years old, and have been married for two years to a terrific girl who loves wearing leather, but when I suggested once that she wore just her high heeled, long leg boots and leather coat to make love in, she said I was disgusting, and the next thing I knew was her mother had organised us to see a marriage counsellor, who frightened me stiff and asked me if there was a history of mental illness in my family.

I would like to order Atomage and show it to my wife, but I am sure this is going to make matters worse? What would you advise?

-B. N. K (Middlesex).

There is not much we can say that is really going to help you. We doubt very much if showing your wife, your mother-in-law or the marriage counsellor copies of Atomage would help matters as they seem prejudiced. We can only suggest that you discuss the sexual side of your marriage with your wife, and possibly purchase for her one of the better guides on the subject such as “The Joy of Sex”. The references there on ‘dressing for pleasure’ may establish a basis of what is ‘normal’. Try asking your wife what her sexual fantasies are? – Ed.