I have just donned a complete rubber outfit and am taking down these notes to describe it to you.

First put on the lower half – legs, jointed together by part of the seat – of an old Sealwear, full length, skin tight black rubber suit that tore apart a year ago but whose peculiarly soft rubber I still like . . . . Next, a size 9 (too large) pair of half-forearm length, thin, transparent rubber gloves purchased from Renee Fashion Co. when they were still in business.

Next an old but still much appreciated Sealwear white rubber shirt with buttons at wrists and down the front. Next, a pair of soft, black latex rubber trousers, also from Sealwear. Now the climax! Undoing the top neck button of my shirt, I put on a tight-fitting, seamless, transparent latex rubber “cuni-mask” (Macmart). After that, a tight-fitting, flesh coloured, zipperless rubber mask. (Masquerade Hoods from Wendy’s of Los Angeles) having eyeslits only (and purely decorative painted ‘eyelashes’ and a red lipped strip of rubber glued over the mouth spot) ordered long ago; breathing has now become somewhat difficult, but the tightness and the complete enclosure more than compensate …. Finally, a back zippered, tight fitting, form shaping black latex rubber mask with eye openings only, from Sealwear, and a long neckpiece. Button up the top button of the shirt to make all snug. At this stage I am suffering real ‘punishment’ in these three tight rubber masks, but it is great and I can still write you these notes. The outcome of my ‘dressing for pleasure’ is that I end up mentally ‘transferring’ my rubber outfits to female acquaintances I’ve known and desired. I hope they, at least, occasionally submit their entire beautiful persons to thin tight, sensuous rubber for their husbands’ sakes. How can a woman refuse to make herself even more feminine and, therefore, lovelier – as she positively will, if she accepts encasing herself completely in rubber; soft, smooth rubber being what it is, namely a voluptuous skin?

The majority of the people who care for rubber are males, but I am convinced that it should be the other way round: it is women who have always been reputed to love soft fabrics, who should care most for and really enjoy rubber. The only reason I can think of why the reverse seems true is that there is, somehow, a social taboo attached to rubber.

Rubber perhaps, appears too overtly sensual for the ordinary woman to accept? Maybe rubber is thought of by women as a material made for rough treatment, as tyres, car bumpers, as insulation on electric wires or as gloves for protection against corrosive chemicals; a material meant to absorb blows and to ward off poisons, but unfit as a material, to be used in the fashion trade?

I don’t think any man can be sexually aroused by a woman if she doesn’t become, at least for the duration of a few minutes, a desirable sex object – and for a large number of men she can become an extremely desirable sex object when she is dressed in a ‘second skin’.

The reverse can hardly be true for the male. So that is why it is women, potential sex objects, and not men who look best in rubber. They, in my opinion, are so much more shapely and so much more beautiful?

I think most men who dress in rubber are actually reverting to a ‘substitute procedure’, that is, using their own bodies to replace a woman’s beause they cannot find one who will submit to being dressed or totally encased in rubber. The softness and smoothness of rubber is a ‘replacement’ for a woman’s soft, smooth skin and it could be thought, perhaps, that the man is literally encasing himself in a woman’s skin. Could this also betray a desire to be a woman? The human psyche is hard to analyse.