I am very interested in women who wear high heeled shoes and high heeled boots – especially the latter. Are they aware, I wonder, of the excitement they create amongst men, and also are they aware of the psychological affect it has on them?

My wife, unfortunately, can no longer wear high heels because of an accident when we were on holiday a few years ago, when she broke her ankle (wearing sandals!). She sometimes wears high heels at home to please me but can no longer wear them outdoors without getting a lot of pain, but she agrees with me that there is something about high heels and boots which encourages what she calls an attitude of ‘firmness’. I suppose the word you would use is ‘domination’.

I had a secretary once who was very quiet and rather shy and when the boot craze started she bought herself a pair with the ‘wine glass’ heel. Of course, t found this very exciting, but the interesting thing was the effect it had on her personality which changed from her being shy to becoming quite aggressive, and her new self-assured¬ness rapidly gained her promotion.

I don’t think she saw it as a sexual thing, but I am convinced that there are many men who do like to be dominated (I am one), and the idea of lying on the floor with a woman in high heeled boots standing over me with the heel touching my chest is a very exciting one for me. I do hope you will show pictures of women wearing these marvellous high heels and I would like to read other women’s views. I would be especially interested to read letters from men who share my interest and who have had women in high heels tread all over them, and what the affect on them was!