A problem that crops up frequently with wearing rubber clothing is that it tends to perish unless care is taken with it. Your readers might like to know that the principal cause of rubber deteriorating and perishing is not human sweat or heat, but simply exposing it to ultra violet light, i.e. daylight.

When they are not being worn, rubber garments and boots should be kept in a dark cupboard and away from direct sunlight.

Until I discovered this simple fact, I used to keep quite a number of my rubber garments in a glass covered conservatory and within a year they began to deteriorate very quickly and the rubber started coming away from the canvas backing of my coat. Another similar coat that I have had for a longer time, but kept in a wardrobe, still looks very good indeed and is showing very little signs of wear. As both came from the same manufacturer, and are made of the same SBR material, I think this is proof indeed and your readers may find this advice of help.