To those of us who are given the ability to understand, appreciate and enjoy the delights and benefits of wearing rubber and leather clothing and seeing people dressed in them, no other material counts.

Leather, too, has its imitations but someone like yourself, versed in the genuine leather, can soon notice the difference. Those terrible cotton/poplin coats are made to imitate rubber and it is an insult to call them mackintoshes.

Why do so many females wear them? Even in crowded London a female dressed, booted and tightly belted in a shiny black rubber or wet-look mackintosh stands out in a million as a sight for us fetishists. Although there are all these rubber and leather firms you still see Comparatively few garments worn in public, although leather coats are now much more popular. Yesterday I saw one female in leather jeans and ordinary other items and another in knee high, high heeled boots with tight wet look trousers tucked tightly into the boots, plus a maxi black wet-look leather coat, both worth looking at and I’m sure the second girl enjoyed the eruptions her figure caused.

I am sure the reason you don’t see more rubber worn in the street is not, as you say, because the styles are lousy, but because of guilt. The guilt is associated with rubber being a sexual stimulus.

The makers are asked to make things for use in the home – not in the streets so that is probably why they do not take their patterns from the fashion magazines. But I agree it is a pity because I would like to see more rubber worn in the street because it is such a marvellous material to keep you warm and dry.

Not so long back when you first noticed rubber you were still awestruck with leather and doubted whether you’d ever even look at rubber clothing. I wrote then and said I was convinced that, once you had calmed down and given rubber a fair chance you would be just as devoted a rubber enthusiast as we are. In fact, at the end of your article about your visit to Weather Vain in A21 you say, will I become a devotee of rubber. I would say, Helen, you’ve come a long way towards being one already. I am sure you will find a stunning black rubber mackintosh that you will eventually feel comfortable in. Be honest, a lot of women wear everyday fashions in which they look stunning, but if they are honest they admit they do not feel too comfortable in.