I would like to help the lady who wrote in A22 and wanted to know how to keep leather clean when it was worn for sexual purposes. She didn’t say that but it was what was implied. It took me years to get my wife to wear a leather all-over suit and mask for – to put it bluntly – intercourse, but I am glad to say it has been a great success for both of us – and we have been married for twenty-three years. It is a problem but nothing that isn’t easily put right. Some simple rules we follow are:

(1) No matter how tired/ satisfied you are, the lining of the suit must be sponged with clean, lukewarm water (no soap) immediately it comes off. Not all over – just any parts that are marked.

(2) Always hang the suit up with the zips open so it airs and dries naturally. Do not leave it in a heap.

(3) Inspect it every now and again and use a detergent diluted to make a weak solution in the areas between the legs and down the legs. Do not rub any stains. Try patient wiping.

(4) Use a little proprietary leather cleaner very carefully. This advice applies for general wear as well as for what you call `dressing for pleasure’. Leather is so expensive you have got to make it last and look good.

– K. J. (Yorks)

Your reader who is worried about hygiene (A22 page 11) should put on a pair of rubber latex crotch pants with a flap before putting on her suit. My wife and I bought ours in a cream rubber latex from Weather Vain and have avoided all the problems your reader seems to fear.

– C. C. (Hants)