I thought I should write and tell you of the exciting things taking place here in dealing with individuals who love to wear rubber garments and explain their fascination. For many years I have been interested in helping those who need understanding about their compulsion to wear rubber outfits and I feel now I have the answer to everyone who wants to enjoy just what he or she wants to do in wearing rubber. Basically, this is done by openly stating that when one wears rubber, the magnetic field that emits from the body is contained within the body. This has been proved by ‘Kirlian’ photography in psychic research experiments. The magnetic field returns to the body’s source because the rubber outfit worn by the individual does not allow this force to escape and so one is able to take advantage of harnessing this energy. Following and understanding this approach removes the guilt feelings which a narrow-minded society has pinned on us who are believers in the need for rubber wear.

I also do experiments in which when one wears rubber when meditating within an enclosure which is insulated and pyramid shaped, this shape produces the wildest turn on ever and a person’s psychic awareness is expanded.

Many people – both men and women – have been helped here so I thought you would enjoy hearing from a friend across the water about these experiments. I hope some of your readers will write to me and maybe I can be of some help to them. I also do therapy with individuals while we lounge in our rubber outfits, and I believe I have been able to help many to gain the courage to accept rubber wearing as a fulfilment of one’s personality.