I can only write as an observer of the scene: I love SBR but I do agree with you that it must fit well and correctly. I also think it looks best worn with shapely high heeled hoots. What a shame we no longer see the beautiful, colourful, rubberised satin mackintoshes of tile 40s and 50s. What memories even from childhood. How they hung and rustled from the hips when tightly belted. The mouth waters now!

I don’t see much point in rubberised kaftans or, come to that, any loose fitting garment (much better in silks and satins), but as I’ve never experienced the sensation of touch perhaps I’d better reserve judgement. On the subject of masks, I love the thought of evil disguise. It is basically the store of Beauty and the Beast in reverse – namely the beautiful woman as the beast. The act of disguising is very stimulating as well as the transition back to beauty. Masks to me are very important but not the gag type of hood.

Having said that – I love beauty and whilst much sexual stimulation could be derived from the sight and touch of the rubber/leather clad lady, in the final analysis I want my beautiful creature.

I suppose that what I’m trying to say is that the act of love and this love of rubber/leather cannot easily be reconciled.

– ‘P. B.’ (Cornwall)