I wonder if the following letter and photograph might be of interest for inclusion in Atomage.

It has always been a source of surprise to me that although quite a number of firms produce specialist rubber mackintoshes and other garments, one hardly ever sees them being worn in the streets and I think I can spot a rubber cape at some considerable distance. So where do all these hundreds of rubber garments go? It is a great pity if they are all kept for indoor wear only – so, how about it you enthusiasts? How about plucking up some courage and letting Mr. and Mrs. Public see some of your fascinating rubber clothes.

I have always tried to do this myself and have been very pleasantly surprised at the favourable reactions I have had from assistants in shops and other complete strangers I have met when wearing some quite unusual garments such as a ground length hooded cape etc. They have frequently admired my dress and one lady once followed me some considerable distance to enquire where I had bought a black cape with a hood that had a zip up the front, with just two small eye holes.

Some years ago I had a girl friend who was very co-operative and on one occasion at the seaside she wore for the whole afternoon a ground length blue rubber mackintosh all-in-one cape and hood that fell from the top of her head right down to the ground. It had just one hole for seeing and breathing and she wore it while shopping and down by the sea. A beach photographer took a snap of her and I am enclosing a copy for your readers to see.

– J. G. (Surrey)