Like a substantial portion of your customers and readers, I am afflicted with a craving for the unusual. We need more than the shapely female limbs and body and beautiful face: they have to be totally encased in a skin-tight sheath of rubber. And we get added exhilaration if the head and face also are totally and tightly encased in rubber. Rubber is our sexual catalyst.

The deep desire for a lovely woman in rubber is as mysterious and inexplicable as our own existence on planet Earth, itself lost in the incredible immensity of space; as incomprehensible as even the appalling reality of death, brought home to us when it happens to persons we know and love. All of these mysteries, amongst many others, besides leaving us somewhat baffled and helpless at times, can also make us more reflective about ourselves and our destiny in this strange universe.

Young women have a naturally, soft, smooth, elastic skin that we rubberists seem to insist on covering with another even smoother, artificial, elastic skin. Latex is like young skin: smooth, glossy, silken, elastic and impervious. Curious how we do desire totally to encase women in another skin. I think it’s our intent to make women extremely aware of their own shapeliness and their soft skin. It’s induced self awareness. And this can go so far as enclosing her entire head, face and neck in rubber, too, with the least possible openings, so as to overpower her with the inherent sensuousness of rubber.

There is a desire to gather her entire person, including her head, into rubber, so that she can become more completely aware of her absolute power of seduction.

There is a mystery about latex rubber that is very difficult to understand. Surely Mr. Goodyear never dreamed this would come about? But that is the fate of all inventors: they never know what people will do with their inventions.

Rubber also abolishes a person’s individual characteristics – for example, skin colour, skin blemishes, hair, etc – and enhances latently aesthetically satisfying human shapes in its flattering clasp.

– A. P. (Canada)