Atomage is honest but why not show the protection outfits in use and worn by their owners? I took this picture with the help of a flash with the camera set up indoors (window open) with the aid of an air release attachment on the camera. We had a heavy thunderstorm on the Sunday morning and I was well prepared. I had on my latex catsuit, rubber chest high trousers with a bib, a rubber shirt, three quarter wigan coat, double hoods and gasmask – and rubber boots, of course.

Because your readers are bound to ask, yes, the rain was going down inside my industrial gauntlets but I did not care because I had latex gloves to the elbow on the catsuit and an extra pair over the shirt which zips up the front.

I stood in the garden in this outfit for some twenty minutes with the rain pouring down. Even having the front of my coat open I was still completely dry but I did raise my arms over my head to get rid of the rain that had collected in the gauntlets.

A little water seeped between the collar, the gas mask and the double hoods and when t undressed my neck was wet but I plan to add additional protection there next time.

I also lay down on the grass for a time really to test the outfit and with this one small exception at the neck, I found I remained perfectly protected.

Colour is less easy to give good picture results on a dull, wet day. The colour picture was taken on a fairly bright day with the hose set up in the garden.

A hose is a good method of testing rubber gear because you can get a concentrated force of water that will soon seek out gaps in the protection. I can recommend it to readers.

I would like to see other readers’ pictures and description of outfits used in wet weather. I think rubber has a glow when it is wet and it is the best way to enjoy it and photograph it.

– ‘Wet Wearer’