I could be classified as belonging to the ‘escapist black rider’ syndrome – the motor cycle being a useful excuse! My interest is in the personality change that total enclosure can bring in both sexes. Many readers state that not only arc they ‘turned on’ by dressing in tile appropriate fashion, but so are their partners. Is this temporary or can there be a form of permanency?

My own feeling is that being ‘turned on’ is largely due to the fact that once kitted up both are largely insulated from external stimuli and much more receptive to each other. They begin to communicate ‘without words’ and become a self-centred entity. I believe that in tile ultimate (and possibly ecstatic) state male and female should be able to adopt matching attitudes to each other, neither being dominant nor passive as they were at the start, but rather mutually aggressive in their search for empathy.

Chauvinism aside, the female is generally passive to a degree – so my question, can this change in activity becomes a permanent thing?

By way of example, can a passively accepting lady pillionist be turned into an aggressive motorcycle rider after a period of conditioning in, say, racing leathers and a black rubber mackintosh? Does she come to recognise that she has broken through a behavioural barrier, without necessarily abandoning her femininity, having received and absorbed stimuli from her partner and others she comes into contact with? Surely if this is so, she and her partner enter a new life of shared experience in which their mutual feelings become more acute; who drives the motor cycle is a toss-up!

I would welcome the views of other serious readers on my thesis and especially from any who think they have gone through the ‘sartodynamic’ barrier.

A final way out thought – have some ladies broken the barrier without their partners recognising the fact – is someone somewhere secretly donning her gear and riding her partner’s motorcycle in his absence, either in fact or fantasy!

– R.H. (A.C.S.331)