An aspect of dressing for pleasure which intrigues me – particularly in this overstatement of the total protection story – is the problem that both men and women must have in creating a design that affords this total protection while, at the same time, allowing discretionary freedom for certain vital areas of the anatomy.

To put it bluntly and simply: if the purpose is sex, how can you enjoy it when you have several layers of rubber, vinyl or leather to get through?

I am interested in the descriptions in this magazine which imply that once you have got her into a rubber suit or suits, cape and gasmask. you can then make wild love to her. Which is fine. But what I want to know is how?

My own interests are slightly different. I get most of my kicks from motor cycling when I like wearing leather and seeing others wearing leather. But I am, nevertheless, very curious and I simply don’t believe the author of Black Nights in Atomage 16, especially after seeing the pictures of his outfit. Sorry to say this but I think your readers fantasise. Nothing wrong in that, I suppose, but I would like to get at the truth.

– ‘Doug’ (London)

Suits can be fitted with crotch straps, flaps and zips so as still to give ‘total protection’ and there are various ingenious designs. We can assure you that while some readers mar fantasise there are a great majority who do not and, indeed, have marvelous sex lives, better usually than the so-called ‘normal’ couples who tend to suffer from boredom. We can testify, to the truth of the matter since we are often privileged to see very personal and private pictures from readers’ albums. Perhaps other readers would like to explain. – Ed.