In Atomage I was looking at a lady totally encased in latex rubber and wondering why it is that we find these photos so beautiful. Do you believe that there are a great many people who would honestly appreciate these photos? We like them because we are passionately fond of the beautiful female totally enclosed and sealed in a formfitting, tight second skin of latex rubber. Do you think there are many people who appreciate the smoothness and the gloss of rubber to the point where this rubber-takes preference over human skin … as a sexual stimulant?

The total enclosure in rubber has a lot to do with it also, as even the hair looses its potential as a stimulant, and the entire head is preferred totally and very tightly encased in rubber. I sometimes wonder whether the impervious, elastic skin that rubber is, might not unconsciously serve as an extension of one’s own self, enclosing the desired female in a total, tight and perfect embrace, even almost to the point of suffocation.

If rubber is actually this, a “concretisation” of one’s own sex dreams, then one would inevitably have to conclude that, after all, latex rubber is a very natural and very legitimate, high-level tangible ‘instrument’ used to ‘come into possession of’ one’s chosen female. By ‘high level’ I mean that rubber is not usually conceived of by the ordinary male as a tangible means of possessing his loved one, this process usually going on only in the brain and existing only as a ‘thought’. Is this explanation too far-fetched?

There certainly has to be something, some urge deep within us, that needles us on to a greater realisation of our immense desire for total ‘possession’ of one’s ideal woman: and rubber is one refined means of attaining this end. Anyway, looking at your pictures satisfies me to a certain degree, in that it is the representation, or the ‘picturisation’ if you will, of one of my most cherished dreams. How unfortunate that so few women desire to be ‘possessed’ in this way and, in general, have so little inclination to rendering themselves extremely desirable in this manner. Would that more women understood this must be the lament of many male rubberists.

Before the invention of latex rubber, vinyl, satin and leather, what material could serve the purpose that these materials are made to serve? Animal skins, maybe? Animal entrails? These were natural elastic membranes, which is what rubber comes closest to.

– A. P. (Canada)