It seems to me that you have two sorts of readers, a conclusion I have come to after reading every issue of your very honest, natural magazine so different from all the hoards of colourful, expensive, sexual rubbish you see in almost every bookshop these days. The first group are those who like to wear and be seen wearing rubber, leather and vinyl outdoors. The second group are those who like to close and lock the door, draw the curtains and then dress up to please themselves and their close friends.

Both groups engage in ‘games’ but they take a different form with each group so it seems to me. Some take the form of elaborate rituals, almost of a religious kind, the rituals being quite different for each group. The outdoor group will go to favourite places, pubs, country walks or motor cycling, following a pattern of behaviour which is quite different from their normal selves. The indoor group concentrate on the clothes themselves and less on the effect of these clothes on their personality; they dress according to a strict routine.

Then there are the enclosure and bondage games involving some form of punishment, but these are all restricted to Group Two.

Both groups enjoy what I call ‘weather’ games – exposing oneself, when dressed, to water or heat, more particularly the former. Group One likes to go outdoors to a lake or a stream or stand in the garden in a thunder¬storm. Group Two lies in the bath or stands under the shower but rather rarely go outdoors.

I feel you could develop this into a form of classification for use in the C.S. System and it would easily lend itself to diagramatic interpretation on a chart. I do hope you agree as I hate being contradicted.

– K T. G. (London)