Have any of your readers thought of a suit made of leather, lined with latex? This could be great. I would suggest a red leather outer suit, a two piece, jacket and pants, lined with deep red latex. This would give the wearer a double special feeling, and protection and should be very smart.

The jacket might be a Barbarella style, short over the hips and bottom with tight waist and zips, together with zipped pockets. The sleeves would also be made very close and zipped to the inside cuff. The front would zip up to one side, and there would be a turndown pointed, or rounded collar. At the waist would be a sewn-in belt to the back. It must fit fairly closely, and be shaped over the bust, below the zips to the bust pockets.

The matching pants should be close over the hips, in fact they should have a high waist belt to help this. They must follow the thigh tightish to the knee, where they may flare out to cover red boots.

As the suit is lined with lovely smooth latex all that would be needed to wear underneath would be a pair of latex briefs and a latex polo blouse perhaps in deep yellow. I would then suggest that the whole ensemble would be a joy to wear, and a worthy investment.

One might develop the idea further and make a specialised suit, all in one piece, this time in black leather and lined with white or cream latex. It would be a cat suit but fitted to the body everywhere. The basis for the blouse part of the body would be the battle dress top, but extending down through a broad belt to the fork, from which the long zip would rise to the collar, which would be turned down and rounded. The breasts would be covered by shaped panels stitched in, but with buckled flaps from the shoulder.

The trousers would also be form fitting reaching into tall boots with front laces. As I say, the whole to be close lined with latex, and all that would be required underneath would be tiniest red latex briefs.

The closeness of the latex, firmly kept in place by the outer layer of soft leather would produce a glorious feeling of comfort and power, its soft silkiness on the inside contrasting with the more ‘butch’ look of the leather.

– J.M. (London)