Contrasts are enjoyable. A girl wearing a mackintosh and waders is all the lovelier if she is sitting on the sea front alongside others who wear bikinis and cotton dresses. Going to an agricultural show by bike may mean she arrives among other young beauties clad in black leather. So we enjoy the sight of her, strapped for the afternoon into that encasing scented, creaking suit and boots, when her friends roll up their sweater sleeves and lie about on the grass in faded jeans and sandals.

Just now my favourite idea for a photo in your pages would be a group of girls dressed conventionally with a rubber clad girl in their midst. She might well be a mackintosh nun. Your rubber nun is super. Oddly enough I invented her for myself years ago, but never saw one before. The long, all covering outfit of the nun has numerous overtones that combine with rubber to give a powerful pleasure.

– JAY (London)