I am most interested in the picture you sent me of a tall, slender, shapely model completely and tightly clad in rubber, including a beautiful, form-fitting, tight rubber helmet, about which I would like to comment.

First, the full-length, skin-tight rubber suit is in complete accordance with my tastes, as well as the elbow-length, tight fitting rubber gloves which are a welcome extra to the suit, increasing the impression of complete enclosure and protection in rubber, sheathing the model to her fingertips in rubber and prolonging the rubber sheath to her elbows in a second, tight rubber sheathing (over the tight-fitting sleeves of her rubber suit).

The other extremely important ‘extra’ is the beautiful, form-fitting skin-tight rubber helmet, moulding the head, face and neck so smoothly and so tightly, with the characteristic appealing horizontal rippling in the rubber along the middle of the helmet, over the head.

The two slight alterations I would have liked to see in this beautiful rubber helmet would have been first a clear plexiglass over the oval eye openings (as in the helmet used for photo series No. AS-102) and no small triangular nostril patch and no nostril openings for the nosepiece, which is already so finely and beautifully shaped, and could fit the nose completely in soft, thin rubber. 1 think the mask has a sufficiently large mouth opening to permit easy breathing through the mouth and, simultaneously, permit also the complete exposure of the lips. I realise that, with the helmet as it is shown, the eye openings can be covered over with thin, oval-shaped latex rubber eye shades held tightly over her eyes by a rubber band circling her head, and that the mouth opening can be covered over with a thin rubber closure also held tight over her mouth by a rubber band circling her head, thereby necessitating recourse to the nostril openings in her mask for breathing. I know this is an aspect of rubber foreplay that can be very stimulating for both partners, depending on the natural cravings they want to satisfy. The impression of near-complete facial covering over and perfect masking over with rubber would, thereby, be considerably increased and even if the Plexiglas became slightly fogged momentarily, the model could always clear this up by sucking tier breath in with her nose occasionally, bringing about an even closer shaping over of her nose in rubber which, in turn, would result in an even more forceful impression of the complete, air-tight enfoldment of tier face in rubber.

This is a refinement I would much like to see for such a lovely mask although I admit the mask as it is, is already beautiful beyond words on this model, and her head, face and neck take on an irresistible allure and are quite ‘adorably’ beautiful in rubber.

The impression of extreme voluptuousness conveyed by this model is quite extraordinary. I only wish you had more photos like it. All her parts – her shoulders, her tight-gloved arms, her breasts, her hips, her legs, feet and thighs – all are quite bewitching in rubber.

I can only end my comments by expressing the hope that your model thoroughly enjoyed herself in her complete rubber suit, and realised her extreme voluptuousness in rubber. A fabulous set of photos.

– A.P. (Canada)