I used to work as a stewardess, flying from San Francisco and New York to London. I’m not remarkable physically – attractive, neat, but rather shy. I have always been interested in the theatre, in costumes and masks. I’ve read and seen enough that I have been aware of the restraint idea, but I’d never tried it. My ideas would run to corsets, boots, belts and so forth.

Then, through a mutual acquaintance, I learned of the need for what was called an ‘Automotron’ a person who could be made to look like a sexy robot. The effect was to be created by my wearing a latex head originally made for TV and photographed in Atomage 9 on Page 32. It would cover my head down to the shoulders, with a wig over the ‘bald’ top, plus a dramatic costume – boots with very high heels, a shiny black vinyl mini with long sleeves and high neck, very tightly belted, with the costume including latex gloves etc., so that no part of me would be visible. For example, even the eyes were covered by the plastic eyes set in the face, and I would see through the clear pupils.

I was very nervous when I first tried the head. It enclosed my head and laced up the back. The wig covered the back lacing and seemed to seal me in. I started to hyperventilate, but the girl with me calmed me down and I began to get used to it. From that moment, it was a pleasant experience. By the time I had trained for the Automotron display job (moving mechanically, performing various ‘robot’ activities) I was really enjoying myself. It was obvious that I was really turning on the people who saw me. I’ll try to explain how I feel about it.

Inside the head and costume it was safe and anonymous. I did not have to respond to anyone if I didn’t want. I could see them, but I was invisible, protected by the beautiful surface of the head and costume. Once I’d done the robot work a few times I improved on the basic idea and stimulated myself as well. I had a corset made that greatly exaggerated by figure and squeezed me pleasurably. When I put the head on, helped by one of my room-mates, I got my helper to seal me in as tightly as possible. I covered my hair under a tight latex pool cap, taped in place. I also filled my mouth with a large, soft piece of foam latex, slit to make room for my tongue, then I taped over my lips before the head was laced on. Then my helper taped over the lacing and taped the neck flap to my shoulders before putting on and attaching the wig (a wild, bouffant platinum blonde) with safety pins. Then she zipped up the costume.

I was now safely and inextricably into the robot costume. It felt strange but pleasant, and I could see in the mirror what a dramatic robot I had become.

I was isolated inside the robot costume for six or eight hours. Sometimes my room-mate would take me home after work and I would not let her remove the head or costume for a while. Once I spent the night in the head and corset – by morning, I felt as if it had become part of me.

You have shown the heads in Atomage so you know how beautiful they are. With big dark glasses over those motionless plastic eyes, one can go out in public without people realising that they are seeing a mask and not a face. I did it once, with an escort, and it felt stimulating to be mysterious and outrageously sexy – rather far from my own personality.

I hope this answers your correspondent in Atomage 9, Page 52, who was interested in some opinions (H.H.). I haven’t had the chance to work on the robot project for some time, but I remember with great pleasure those special hours. I’d like to hear the comments of other girls, especially if they’ve had experiences similar to mine. Perhaps Atomage can print some more photographs of the heads, or similar projects (like the ‘G’girl, whose outfit I especially like and whose outfit I’d like to wear).

– AA (London)