A great many correspondents such as Jay (Atomage 9, Page 21) have graphically described the sensations and satisfactions of dressing up and wearing our disguises for long periods. Most enjoyable reading and encouraging to find one shares a common interest among intelligent and coherent people capable, like Jay, of capturing the poetry and sense of occasion of our private pleasures.

But it does seem they are private in the sense of single pleasures whereas I am a private togetherness man. First, it is for practical reasons since my personal disguise is rather elaborate and I need help to get it on and off, and, second, I like to make the whole thing a private game shared just between two mentally and physically attuned adults. I like her to help me on with my latex suit which is so tight fitting it has to be carefully rolled on leg by leg and then up the trunk, finally being zipped up the back. Doing it one’s self is not only difficult but not half so much fun. Your correspondent L.B. in Atomage 4 Pages 16 to 19 has the right idea absolutely and definitely!

My next garment is a long, wigan, sleeveless tunic, again zipped up the back, which I cannot do without help. I also need assistance with the thin, arm length latex gloves which have to be rolled on and up from the fingers. The helmet, which is back zipped, is much easier if it is drawn on by her standing behind me and pulling it on to. my face, making sure my hair is not tangled in the zip.

(I once got jammed in a self-donned helmet/hood because my hair caught in the zip).

Now comes the wigan trousers and then sitting on the edge of the bed, I can ask her to help me with my crotch length rubber boots. I get a wonderful sensation from having her push each extended leg in turn into the boots and then lie back so that she can strap them very tightly.

Then I stand up and let her help me on with my rubber coat and the second thick pair of gloves and get her to fasten the straps and buckles. An industrial gas mask obtained from Martindale Protection Ltd. of Neasden Lane, London, N.W.I0 (cost about £5) is then strapped at the back of the helmet. Last of all, a floor length wigan cape with a cowl to cover the gas mask straps and this is buckled across the front with a flap to prevent wind and weather pulling it from the face. The cape is unusual because it zips up the back and its locked at the neck with a small buckle. Before pulling up the zip she reaches in, fastens two pairs of straps that hold the sides of the cape to the boots above and below the knee. She also fastens a pair of straps set inside the cape to hold the back against my upper arms above the elbow. Just my gloved forearms come out from the cape through the two small arm holes.

I hope to let you have a photograph for your pages soon, but, in the meantime, maybe my description is sufficient to have your readers agree that my outfit is rather special and admired by my ‘dresser’ who later has to reverse the process. I then emerge wonderfully excited, my whole body the recipient of a variety of wonderfully constricting sensations as I move about my business.

– D.N.B. (Scotland)

To complete the picture we must also be able to visualise how wonderfully excited she emerges perhaps in the next issue? – Ed.