My wife and I have just received No. 10 and are very pleased to see that you are continuously trying to introduce new ideas about the modern way of dressing with materials which are well-known to everyone, but used in a rather exciting fashion.

During the latest fashion shows in Paris, a dress in gold rubber was shown and it was interesting to hear the comments from critics and views, among them being “It’s really nice, but I would never dare to wear such a material”, and “It’s unusual, but then why not as long as it’s flattering to the wearer: fashion must be flattering”.

I would like to think that a lot of these fashion-conscious people were quite open minded and open to any suggestions new to them and this is the beginning of an era of acceptance of what is to us of an unusual interest? Acceptance of the materials will depend a lot on the way they are worn. For example, my wife frequently wears a wonderful pearl pink rubber coat to go down town or to work. She wears it as many times as the weather permits because it is really too warm to wear during summer, even on a rainy day. We observe the reactions of the people with whom we come into contact, such as shopkeepers, people on public transport, and it does seem as if we get more smiles and very often nice comments when she is wearing the coat. Once a sales lady in a lingerie shop, about 55 years old, really admired the coat and asked all kinds of questions about it, to which my wife replied, creating not only interest, but in the end, envy. For rubber can be readily accepted if it is worn naturally and not associated with any ideas of bondage and any form of violence. This tends to scare people who then reject this material because of the association of ideas.

Rubber is certainly exciting for sexual games but if one wants it to be accepted in the same manner as cotton and silk, then it has to be worn in a similar manner to these materials. I wear a rubber body suit at home and many of my friends have seen me wearing this, but here again, I wear it like some people wear jeans, and usually after the first comments, our discussions continue like any discussions with friends. The other day, we even got a comment from a very conservative and narrow-minded young lady neighbour to the effect that my wife and I certainly had some fantastic clothes and she wondered how and where we found them. Asking her what she meant, she began to talk about our rubber suits and leather clothes (coat, trousers and skirt). Here, too, wearing these materials naturally and not secretly, one finds people become curious, and eventually admiring and envious.

In conclusion, I would like to say to everybody who feels frustrated because he or she likes to wear these materials – wear it as any other material, without extravagance and without trying to arouse people’s curiosity by wearing in a secret or furtive way.

– P.S. (Denmark)