My favourite double layers of black wigan described in my letter ‘Rubber Sunday’ (Atomage 9) give equally pleasurable, though different sensations when there is snow on the ground outside, as there is today when I am writing this. No matter how I warm the wigan coat and jeans they are still going to be cold to put on with their rubber surfaces next to the skin. Then they rapidly warm up as the second mac and rubber jeans go on over them. Moving to a cold room will suddenly cool the rubber and make me delightfully aware of the way in which it is gripping me. Enthusiasts will know the sensation. Those less fond of rubber say it is ‘clammy’ to wear. I am very glad it is!

I recently acquired a latex meditation hood which I modified by cutting two eye-holes. Its all round pressure and sense of completeness is wonderful. I wear my own double wigan hood over it, and I can feel it cold through the latex when I first tighten the straps. After this the telephone has had it! My latex gloves have worn out, what with typing letters to Atomage and catching them repeatedly on the spikes of buckles. I need some more for next winter because cold air goes up the sleeves.

– Jay