With such world-wide interest in these subjects your magazine could easily be of immeasurable help in focussing scientific research which could open a whole new field of knowledge and universally useable techniques for mental and physical relaxation and rejuvenation.

I don’t hold with the ‘regress to the womb’ theory mentioned by some of your readers like E.E.D. in Atomage 8 (page 16). 1 believe it is a much more direct and recurring physiological phenomenon that is being more and more recognised and used beneficially the world over. It is certainly a universal language, like fine music, it needs no interpretation regardless of its place of origin.

I am enclosing some snapshots of my wife and I in our cold weather suits, also some of myself in one of my rubber ‘zip-in’ suits. (One piece, complete head to toe coverage.) (see Page 34)

I use a system of rubber air bladders and tubes inside the suit which are connected to sex organ stimulators which can be pumped up with air by a small squeeze bulb fitted inside the right hand attached glove. The whole suit is drawn to a very tight fit and any body movement is immediately converted to sexual stimulation by the variation of air pressure in the air bladders and tube system. The suit is form-fitting and made of double neoprene coated nylon – a non-stretch material – so that while the suit is contour designed for complete action freedom, it becomes very restrictive and stimulating as the air bladders and tube system are pumped up. This lends endless variety to both outdoor and indoor activities!

The helmet has a variable breathing restrictor that is also controlled by the pressure in the air tube systems so that one must synchronise breathing with say leg movement when walking, etc. There are also two small air bladders inside the helmet at the back of the transparent eyepieces that close off all light and vision when the air tube pressure is up.

Another device that lends considerably to the excitement of the outfit is a mild electric shock unit which is carried in a pocket inside the suit and working from a battery provides small, variable, random shocks to four electrodes secured to various parts of the body when dressing. The shock unit is inertia activated by the wearer’s body movements so needless to say one moves very carefully!

Still another outfit which my wife and I find very relaxing is an airtight rubber body suit – This suit is donned over very heavy thermal underwear and sealed airtight. Then a rubber tube is connected to a vacuum pump and all the air is drawn out until the suit is pressed very snugly all over tile body, even the soles of the feet! This is a very exhilarating and relaxing experience and mild exercise gives a delightful body massage effect! By increasing the vacuum further the massage effect becomes much more severe, finally restricting virtually all body movement and one just relaxes and enjoys an all over tingling feeling as the suit clings closer and closer to every square inch of the body.

I have described some of our outfits and equipment and I hope you might find some ideas here that you can use in the future.

– T.R.B. (Canada)