A true tale of love from an author who asks to remain anonymous.

The criterion for what is permissible should be, in my opinion, that which is done or which is worn must be a stimulus to lovemaking and not a substitute. This is my own personal story. A young secretary with whom I had worked for quite a long time turned up at the office one wet day in 1960 dressed in a black glossy plastic raincoat, large black hat and black glossy knee boots. Boots and glossy plastics were only just coming into fashion at this time and it was the first time I had seen an outfit like it. It acted on my sensibilities in a most extraordinary way. I found I became excited just looking at her and I had a strong desire to touch her. I had never previously noticed her as a woman and I could not understand my reaction. My sudden attentions surprised her and she thought it odd I kept telling her how nice she looked. But a warm friendship suddenly developed and we discovered we had a lot in common – including previous unhappy love affairs, in my case ending in a messy divorce.

A little while after this she met me returning from a business trip and seeing her standing there with the airport lights shining on her black raincoat and boots, again I had this strange overwhelming feeling of excitement. The compulsion was so strong I had to embrace her and we kissed with a mutual passion I had never known before. Six weeks later we were married.

She knew that in some curious way black, shiny raincoats and boots had helped me to fall in love. In one way she resented this and it rather frightened her, although anything that could stimulate me to love her made her happy as she had, in her opinion, little to offer in the way of conventional physical beauty (our only point of disagreement!).

We have built up quite a wardrobe of raincoats and boots and now, with the coming of the fashion, quite a number of leather garments and matching boots. I persuaded her to have a ‘boudoir suit’ made by Atomage but at first she became worried that now she was catering to a dangerous perversion. The idea of making love in an outfit of this kind really worried her although we had, even on our honeymoon, made wild and exciting love with her dressed only in her black, shiny raincoat and boots. At that time, I surprised myself in the extent and strength of my passion for I had always thought myself undersexed.

We are fortunate that we have a relationship where we are always experimenting with different ways to give each other pleasure. We have always tried to analyse our feelings and responses and it was agreed that the cat-suit was to be treated just as an experiment.

We had to wait months for the right occasion, the correct mood, but then she found at that first ‘experiment’ that it was just another sexual lure, no different from the shiny raincoat that had triggered love – and the intense physical outbursts were the justification.

We always try to match our moods so that dressing in fairly elaborate outfits becomes part of the love play. Lacing and fastening the cat-suit and then undoing the covering to the vital areas is part of an elaborate ritual of arousal. Corporal punishment plays no part in the game and although the outfit is both warm and constricting, my response is such that it is rare for her not to climax as well.

Our difficulty is that our ‘game’ can only be played when our children are not at home, for, while we believe in a frank approach to sex, this specialist love-making is not something we feel we can explain to others until they are married.

To us our behaviour is not perverted or kinky but a mutually pleasurable activity and a way of communication of our intense love for each other. My reason for this revelation (which she is not opposed to my making) is the hope that it will make your readers understand that the rewards of unselfish and understanding physical love are very satisfying – better than anything I have ever seen described.

No perversion, no fetish or form of elaborate masturbation can compete in terms of pleasure with successful lovemaking. It needs only two people who will talk out their problems and desires and work together to try and improve their techniques. Satisfactory lovemaking needs patience and time and, I would suggest, aids, for every woman should understand (and every man too), that certain substances, colours and materials can induce sexual arousal. The art is to find and use them responsibly.