I am often asked why I find leather, latex and mackintosh clothes fun to wear – and I always answer ‘sensuality’. The soft soft, cool, suppleness of the materials are are sexy to touch: the glistening look and and feel of latex, soft clinging effects of well cut and good leather skins, and the slinky, stiff and proud appeal of the mackintosh. And the ladies in Atomage who wear these materials all have instant eye appeal.

Take Atomage No.6: the girl in the yellow latex cat-suit, slashed to her breasts, in the centre spread. Or Atomage No.2 the picture of Deni on page 8: the gilt embossed crotchpiece is a masterpiece in both senses. The lady in black and red latex on the centre spread of No.7 is also something. Latex really turns me on, and she does too. But if forced to make a choice I would take leather first.

It may be the curve of a girl’s derriere closely clad in shiny black leather, it may be yards of tight lacing, it may be D rings and straps? It may even be just the way the shoulders fold neatly, it may be good, soft, supple skin or it may even be Suzi Quatro in her gold cat-suit – for leather has a veritable charm of its own that no other material can emulate? It is supreme. The feel is soft, silky and sexy – the stuff breathes and moves with your own body, it feels part of you.

Men, too can enjoy leather – a pair of black leather jeans, close fitting, with a black bomber jacket over a black polo sweater, and a good pair of knee boots. The ladies can get away with cat-suits – so men, do not be scared to come outdoors dressed in leather and be proud of your possessions – you’ll feel good, too, and your lady will love you more.

– J. M. (London)