The ‘Love of Leather’ articles are interesting especially the one by Mr. Miller – “the unashamed fetishist” – but no one has mentioned the leather lovers who prefer to wear leather – smooth side in – directly against the skin. This interest, of course, does not lend itself to your photographic talents as the wearer shows no outward sign of his interest.

My outfit is a pair of leather underpants and jodhpurs, which have been lined inside with kid leather sewn with its rough, suede side to the material. The jodhpurs fit into short leather cow-boy boots. I have a battledress jacket also lined with leather and a pair of unlined leather gauntlets. This is my week-end attire and the lovely clinging feel to the skin is soothing in the extreme. Careful cleaning is needed, but there is no difficulty if you bath daily. Do other readers share my enthusiasm?

– C. R. (Dorset)