Rubber – what a lovely exciting word and the very thought of its soft, smooth feel inspires me. Rubber is an erotic material where leather is only sensual. I can enjoy wearing leather and be seen in public wearing leather, but rubber is my private pleasure and an afternoon dressing and undressing in rubber is, for me, the finest ‘hobby’ I can think of. I would never wear rubber outdoors and I am not really so interested in its waterproof properties unless I first lay out my rubber bed sheet and soak myself – rubber clad of course, under the shower and then recline and roll, feeling the moisture through the rubber, squeezed between the layers.

I don’t like, you will note, the word ‘latex’ which, correctly speaking, is only the stuff from which rubber is made. The material – thick, thin, backed to cloth or moulded to shape – is rubber, and I love it. I am not interested in finding out why, or worrying if I suffer from some mental disease, I just happen to love rubber and I see I have plenty of fellow pleasure seekers. Nor am I interested in corresponding with them, or meeting them; rubber loving is a private pleasure not to be shared. But I like your magazine and get ideas from seeing the rubber outfits – so lots and lots more rubber pictures please:

– Mrs. I. K. (Devon)

Pleased to hear of the pleasure you get – our policy is to exchange thoughts, ideas and especially pictures. How about some pictures from you? – Ed.