Thank you for Atomage and some very good designs for outfits and especially thanks to reader PD who gave me a marvellous idea – tape recording. I have made several tapes of my “Dressing for Pleasure” and it is quite true what he says about their individual sounds: latex ripples and gives – a distinctive elastic ‘flick’, trousers swish, gloves hiss up the arms and raincoats rustle. Buckles have a musical sound, while zips chatter. Boots, especially waders, give a lovely sigh of welcome as you pour your latexed legs into them. Then there is that lovely final scrape and clunk as you tighten the straps.

Second movement of my concerto for rubber suit and boots is allegro; the sound of boots flexing and raincoat rustling, then (with the recorder and microphone protected) into the third movement – allegretto; the sound of rain on rubber and boots wading into water.

The end of the movement could be marked appassionato and I leave the cadenza to your own composing.

Played back with the volume of my stereo tuned up to catch every note and semi-quaver, it is unique music for we lovers of rubber – and you will want to play it again and again.

I am currently composing a work for solo voice where I describe what I am doing and my feelings. It lacks the subtlety of the first composition but it may prove of interest. Leather lovers could surely write symphonies – almost Wagnerian in quality.

My wife thinks I am quite mad but, as I explained to her, all the really great composers were considered so. Perhaps the Mackintosh Society might like to sponsor a concert at the Festival Hall? Concertos for pneumatic drills and typewriters are commonplace, so …..?

Seriously, I do recommend the tape recorder to readers of your magazine. It is ‘music’ that can really turn you on.

– K.T.G. (London)

A novel idea. What do other readers think? – Ed.