From the personal viewpoint of J. Miller who, in our last issue, gave his views on leather.

Latex – evocative word – is natural rubber and comes in a range of “weights” (i.e. thickness) and all colours, though, again, as in leather, black latex is the favourite. What has gleaming rubber got that other materials have not? I find it very soft and sexy to touch: unlike other materials it lives. It drapes beautifully or it can be worn like a second skin. It is much more, much more than ‘skin-tight’ for the hold as it stretches is firm and strong and this is, in some way, comforting as well as wicked or naughty.

It is less easy for a man to wear latex in public than leather. I have worn a pair of my black latex tights with thigh-high leather boots, and a black latex polo neck T-shirt; outdoors I wore a long crew neck Arran knight jersey to my hips to cover my essential anatomy. But it was fun and caused something of a sensation at the party I went to.

For the ladies, of course, there are all sorts of cat-suits, some rather feminine with ruches and frills, some most severe and seal-like. There is also every version of normal fashion, mini-skirts (very tight please), evening dresses (well draped), ordinary and not so ordinary dresses, tight pants, gloves (of all lengths), hoods and masks for both sexes. You may have anything you like made up, copies, design your own most intimate garments, both boy’s and girl’s, all with zips where you want them although zips can mar ‘the line’.

The feeling of protection that an impenetrable outer garment of latex or mackintosh gives is absolutely splendid in wet weather.

Kastleys is one firm who show lovely clothes in their latex range: hot pants in black, teamed with an orange shirt, a wonderful dress with a full, flounced midi-skirt, tight puffed sleeves, and a high roll collar. Also a nurse’s uniform and lots of leotards, corsets, cat-suits both zipped and laced.

I remember I had a lovely catsuit made in cream medium-weight latex for a girl friend. She came with me to a club, wearing the suit with knee-high black leather boots (pull on with spike heels) and with just a gold necklace around her neck. She looked terrific and was the belle of the ball. All the other birds sulked and I had to fend the boys off! The uninitiated couldn’t make out what the material was, and wanted to touch it. I remember the long zip squeezed her bottom deliciously.

Capes in latex or rubberized satin or cire latex are all the rage – best in black, or deep red, worn with high boots, and suitable for either sex for that matter.

Care of latex is important, but quite easy with warm water and a little plain soap each time a garment is worn, dried on a linen towel, and powdered with plenty of talcum powder. Do not put away until properly aired and dried.

Latex is sexy and fun. It is worth experimenting with, and is not quite so expensive as leather. Latex and leather go well together too.