I assume that every woman must have developed beyond the state of “close your eyes and think of England”, and is now convinced that she, as well as the man, has a right to enjoy love and that lovemaking can be enriched by changes so as to keep it exciting – for surely love is an art as well as a basic human need.

It is strange that no one thinks it is odd if you try to add excitement to meals; experiment with new spices, prepare a table with special napkins, flowers, cutlery, and candles in order to create ‘mood’. This is a delight for the one who makes these preparations, and, for those who enjoy the results. But if you do the same for the joys of the body instead of for the appetite, it is considered by some people to be harmful.

The most widely known and practised form of stimulation – ‘erotic disguise’ – is a new perfume, a new hair-do, a new make-up, bedroom lingerie. I think love is much more fun if I can dress and feel not just like a simple good housewife but rather one of the specialists in erotics, such as the strip teaser or the call-girl. But why always black lace? To me all non-woven, smooth materials such as leather, vinyl or latex have a much higher “erotic appeal”, and since close fitting latex stockings or a cat-suit permit any kind of action, we consider it a perfect dress for an erotic disguise. Of course, it requires a mate with an open mind and some imagination, for nothing is more disappointing than when you have dressed with a sense of anticipation of physical and mental joy to be greeted with with – “Are you mad? What’s all this in aid of?”

Amongst the customs of all natural tribes, a common feature is the wearing of masks for dancing, ceremonies, and festivals. Wearing a mask means to get rid of your everyday personality, to drop your normal patterns of behaviour, to slip into the personality of someone represented by the mask. You do not have to be concerned about the expression of your face. How many people would like to be able to put on some anonymous face and walk through the streets without being recognised by anybody?

The ‘cult’ mask is, of course, a different thing. Nobody can describe the thrill that it gives to both the wearer and to the beholder, when you appear at the right moment, dressed in a black catsuit, a black latex mask hood, and are prepared and able to do things without embarrassment which normally you would never venture to do.

I cannot precisely say what a rubber mask is good for, but I hope I have made it clear that it may mean a lot to the right people – to make life and love far more interesting and exciting!

– Mrs. I.K. (Austria)