Perhaps you could give me some advice? I have a number of pairs of wellingtons but find that I cannot wear them with a rubber outfit that has ‘socks’ to it. I have always had a high instep and have really to push my feet into them. While wearing rubber socks I am afraid that if I push my feet down really hard I will rip the rubber. The material which lines the wellingtons seems to be the trouble. Do you know of anyone perhaps who makes a rubber lined boot, or could you give me some advice on the matter?

– Mrs. T. H. P. (Devon)

It is usually necessary to use a pair of rubber boots such as wellingtons one size larger than normal when wearing rubber socks for the reason you mention. However, some considerable assistance can generally be obtained by dusting the inside of the boot and the socks very liberally with talcum powder.

The rubber riding boot is moulded with a higher instep than the standard wellington boot. These are available at most of the leading riding equipment suppliers and also at Anello and Davide, Oxford Street, or their main shop in Drury Lane. They sell the well made ‘Tretorn’ riding boot.

You will also note the fine quality rubber boots pictured on our contributors from Northern Ireland in this and other copies of the magazine. We understand that this Scandinavian boot is on sale in this country through Russell and Bromley’s branches.

– ED.