I am puzzled by the business of wives being so unwilling to cater for their husbands’ interest in leather, vinyl and latex.

I#m sure that if a man has this interest (which I am convinced is absolutely harmless if not kept a dim, dark secret or bottled up) and his wife finds out about it – or is told about it — and she goes along with it, this can bring nothing but good. I think that if a woman loves a man she must want to please him and her sharing of his interests will make him happy, and, consequently make her happy. I also think that if a wife approaches the subject in the proper manner she will enjoy it, find it interesting and fascinating and get a great deal of pleasure from it. I am sure that these interests and pleasures can bring happiness and satisfaction of every kind to the wife.

If I were an attractive female (even reasonably attractive) I would definitely use my knowledge of such things and my leather, PVC or vinyl clothing to promote myself and I would not feel the least little bit guilty about it.

– D. E. (Chelmsford)

We absolutely agree with your views. – Ed