The description of what your readers like to wear in wet weather and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of rubber is one of the best things in your excellent, interesting magazine. I, too, like to dress to suit our weather and while not as elaborate as some of the garb described by some of your readers, nevertheless it is practical and I get a lot of fun out of putting it on and walking out in it.

I like to wear a fine latex next to my skin. This is smooth and comforting and supple, and the sensation in wearing this one piece all enveloping suit which I had made for me by Kastley is indescribable. Wigan trousers with a chest bib go over this and are belted at the waist and strapped over the shoulders. The long rubber gloves are next followed by a complete medium weight latex hood. Rubber knee boots of the fishing kind with a strap at the top go over the latex. A light-weight latex jacket with press buttons goes on next and over this my full length rubber coat strapped at the waist and wrists. The last is a sou’wester strapped under the chin and a pair of rubber gauntlets.

I have a garden hose arrangement with an overhead sprinkler set up behind my garage so I can test my outfit and then I like to walk hearing the soft but gentle rustling of the rubber. It can be worn comfortably for hours at a time.

I believe this to be an entirely harmless pleasure – but a pleasure it is and I am glad beyond description that my simple pleasure is so widely shared and enjoyed.