I felt I had to write to Atomage and tell you how a change in my style of dress has given me a new zip to life. I’m in my late forties, but have always been clothes conscious, and recently – well, say, within the last two years, – met someone with whom I’ve formed a very close association. I’m not particularly “turned on” by either leather, vinyl or rubber, but I can be “turned on” by a man, and since the person I’ve mentioned likes me to dress in vinyl and leather I’m only too happy and willing to gratify, what seems to me, a very small request from someone who gives me so much.

But the point I’m trying to make is the impact the vinyl and leather coats and dress have made on other men. It really is astonishing. Heads turn, and many of my male colleagues at work have commented to me how very smart and elegant I look in “those lovely shiny coats you wear”. Or “where did you buy that beautiful leather coat?” All music to my ears. If we are really honest, we women dress to please the man in our lives – or, at least, we should, and we’re foolish if we don’t, because they can soon find someone who will – not the women we meet at coffee parties, dinner parties, etc. Believe me, wearing the vinyl coats, the leather outfits, have all done more for my ego in the last two years than anything – except perhaps the person who has asked me to wear them.

– (Miss) B.M. (London)

Always pleased to hear from our growing number of lady readers, who we hope will send us pictures of the outfits that make men’s heads turn – Ed.