Slow Awakening

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and dismayed by the increasing number of letters from male readers who moan and complain that girls do not like rubber, that it’s only a male prerogative, and why does his wife or girlfriend not allow

Building A Rack

One of the continual problems I and others face is the desire to have larger items of ‘equipment’ which can be easily assembled, and dismantled, and easily stored. This is my method of converting a standard double divan bed into

Needs Of Nature II

Robert wants to know how readers manage to attend to the needs of nature whilst wearing a full length catsuit for hours. This particular reader wears a suit with a crotch zip on such expeditions, but I can imagine that

Needs Of Nature I

Robert, in his column in A28 (page 7) asked a very pertinent question about the problems of wearing rubber suits. I think, as the author of ‘The Willing Servant’, in your supplement I am well placed to try and answer