Slow Awakening

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and dismayed by the increasing number of letters from male readers who moan and complain that girls do not like rubber, that it’s only a male prerogative, and why does his wife or girlfriend not allow

Building A Rack

One of the continual problems I and others face is the desire to have larger items of ‘equipment’ which can be easily assembled, and dismantled, and easily stored. This is my method of converting a standard double divan bed into

Needs Of Nature II

Robert wants to know how readers manage to attend to the needs of nature whilst wearing a full length catsuit for hours. This particular reader wears a suit with a crotch zip on such expeditions, but I can imagine that

Needs Of Nature I

Robert, in his column in A28 (page 7) asked a very pertinent question about the problems of wearing rubber suits. I think, as the author of ‘The Willing Servant’, in your supplement I am well placed to try and answer

Secret Thoughts

I particularly enjoyed reading the article on Secret Bondage in Supplement 15 which is very much in accordance with my own tastes and also your ‘Willing Servant’ continues to fascinate me with his detailed descriptions.

Cautious Convert

Your Supplement is doing a truly excellent job showing bondage and restriction without the extreme cruelty that the porn pedlars seem to think is the only way to depict a subject and increase their sales. I like to think of


Firstly, may I congratulate you on A25 and 26, plus the fascinating Supplements. You have, indeed, set yourselves very high standards and it must be rewarding to see your efforts bearing real fruit through the obvious interest and enthusiasm generated