My Introduction

Although I had been messing about with rubber gloves and latex football bladders for some time, my first real contact with latex clothing was about two years ago after I had been reading one of the “Girly mags”. This contained

Night Wading

We have only just moved to a hilly area with a lot of streams and small lakes, but the only trouble is that it is highly populated. So about two weeks after we moved in, my wife and I went

Wading Enthusiast

I recently obtained for the first time a copy of “Rubberist” (No. 4) and felt I should like to express my appreciation. The wading picture on page 5 by Tony G. are superb – just what I like – and

Sharing Our Pleasure

Sarah and I wanted to share another of our rubber love-sessions with you, hoping that they give you some pleasure too. It is a delight for us to set about putting on rubber, deciding what outfits we will wear, what