Gas Masks

It is interesting to note how many people apparently enjoy making love while wearing gas masks: 18 out of 71 pictures in Atomage are with gasmasks, some them indicating that lovemaking may be in progress. Although I have a liking

From Down Under

Both Karla and I are enthusiastic readers of Atomage and we think it’s the best magazine on the subject of rubber and leather. As for myself, I have always been keen on all aspects of the rubber and leather scene.

Two Enthusiasts

My wife and I were very flattered to have our pictures chosen for your new masterwork Atomage International No. 1. We were pleased with your headline ‘Two Enthusiasts’ and to have our pictures and our thoughts produced in this, the

Mud Larking

We have a distinct liking for rubber since leather prices are so high. We wear latex leotards – first one, then stretch rubber chest waders with stocking feet: then a 3/16 in. thick two piece wet suit with attached hood.