Gloves And Boots

I would like to begin by saying, I have a large collection of Atomage magazines, and other publications dealing with, rubber, latex, bondage and leather. I have progressed over the years in thinking up new devices, and ways of gaining

Leather Attraction

My reason for writing involves a sort of reply to Ms. J.R. of Scotland, whose letter you published in Atomage International 8. I fully sympathise with her comments about the ‘Michelin Men’ and their spouses, I prefer leather but believe

Rubber Lining

Whatever its criticisms today, the sophisticated rubber mackintosh of the thirties lacked nothing in sensual provocation, be that coincidence or not, and the manufacturers lacked nothing in inspiration.

Riding Macs

Recently, I read Atomage for the first time for some years and was surprised at the constant references to and photographs of SBR, whilst there was little, if any, mention of rubberised double texture riding mackintoshes.

What Limits?

My girlfriend is incapable of following me to where I would like to go. This is no reflection on her – she is just afraid of all the seemingly endless implications of rubber. Maybe she is right. Also, it is

Rubber Recollections

I discovered Atomage and Atomage International about a year ago – and since then have been trying to build up as complete a collection of back numbers as is now possible, as well as keeping up to date with the

My Collection

My interest in rubber goes back to the late sixties, when I was still living with my parents in the country. I began to notice the small adverts in the Sunday papers for latex clothing and wrote off for lists.

Women And Rubber

It really is a pity that so few women appear to like rubber. It puzzles me because I am sure they would benefit more from it than men. Rubber has the same soft touch, the same qualities of reflection and

Rubber Sweat

I will not go into the usual case history of rubber attraction as a result of being bounced on the head by a rubber ball when I was two years old. Suffice it to say I consider myself a normal