Mysterious Mistress

In 1938 in Germany everyone took part in the air raid precaution exercises. We had, at this time, the Volksgasmaske made in green rubber that covered the whole head and had no straps. Young girls and the women wore them as well as the men, and many also wore rubber protection against possible gas attacks, including the rubber riding boots that appeared at that time. Continue reading “Mysterious Mistress”

My Life With Latex

I first discovered latex when I went to Graduate School in 1973. Several firms advertised in the cheap magazines, and, being curious, I sent for the catalogues. The photos of some of the items were well done with style and great workmanship and my interest was aroused. Continue reading “My Life With Latex”

Cold Touch

I was very interested in the intimate Interview in A22. My introduction to masturbation came via a friend’s rubber surfaced army cape/groundsheet – with its smooth cold touch. Rubber and sex were firmly linked in my mind from then on, and I think many of your readers will have the same early memories and the same introduction to the delights of sex and orgasm via the smooth feel of rubber on the young, untried sexual organs. Continue reading “Cold Touch”