Sexy Robot

I used to work as a stewardess, flying from San Francisco and New York to London. I’m not remarkable physically – attractive, neat, but rather shy. I have always been interested in the theatre, in costumes and masks. I’ve read and seen enough that I have been aware of the restraint idea, but I’d never tried it. My ideas would run to corsets, boots, belts and so forth. Continue reading “Sexy Robot”

Photo Album

The powerful bliss of wearing black mackintosh is hard to describe. Being encased in rubber mac and boots, hooded and masked in the same shiny Wigan, cuts me off from the cares of the world. My goggles allow me to see but the hood prevents me taking refreshment. The only sounds I hear properly are the rustles of rubber as my sou’wester rubs against my riding mac collar. I am warm, soon I shall be hot. In everyday dullness we dress to keep warm or cool, leaving off our overcoats in summer and putting on casual shirts and jeans. I dress in the same rubber clothing all the time. I may not choose. The rapid response of rubber to the surrounding temperature will take me with it. It will heat in the sun and cool in the shade and I am powerless to resists. Continue reading “Photo Album”